Loving father to Videah

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🐺 About

James is a Wolf who goes by he/him pronouns.

He has a close relationship with his son Videah who he likes to tease.

James has a warm personality can hardly help himself when it comes to cracking jokes. He takes good care of his son who he loves very much and enjoys spending as much time as he can with.

Regularly wears a red plaid shirt and jeans but is also the kind to walk around the house in his underwear like there's nobody else there. Even if there is in fact, somebody else there.

Very often has a sly smirk on his face.

Owns a pair of reading glasses, only really wears them whilst working. He works at Xbox. He'll ban you.

⚠️ Common Mistakes

Missing Markings

James has stripe markings on different parts of his body that many artists tend to overlook.

The most common one that artists miss are the stripes on his ears. Think of his ears as being little VLC traffic cones.