Nerdy gay werewolf

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🐺 About

Videah is a Wolf who goes by he/him pronouns.

He can be seen regularly wearing his trademark red and white hoodie and blue t-shirt. Some say he has an entire wardrobe full of the stuff.

He has a close relationship with his father James.

Mr Wolf from The Bad Guys is canonically Videah's uncle.

⚠️ Common Mistakes

Incorrect Eyes/Sclera

Videah's eyes have yellow sclera (sclera is usually the white part of eyes) which some artists interpret as yellow iris. This is incorrect! The iris should be drawn either all black or brown depending on which the artist thinks is suitable for their style.

This is the most common mistake by far so please make sure you get this right! 😭

Missing Markings

Videah has stripe markings on different parts of his body that many artists tend to overlook.

The most common one that artists miss are the stripes on his ears. Think of his ears as being little VLC traffic cones.